Comprehensive Early Autism Services - Meet our Clients

Praises to Comprehensive Early Autism Services!!! Our son receives 1:1 therapy five days a week with a team of therapists. The changes we have seen in six months are remarkable!!! He now refers to me as mommy or mom ( I could cry right now), he points at objects and tells us to ‘look’, he recognizes and says the names of animals, people (policeman, fireman,…), he will take our face and turn it to his to make sure we understand what he is attempting to say. These are all things he could not do just six months ago.

The ABA therapists working with my son are not mean spirited; they are understanding (albeit firm) and fun. I actually cannot say enough good things……with that, keep up the good work CEAS!!! You are making a significant difference in the lives of the children and families.